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Stephanie's expertise is a rare combination of creativity and precision, with over 20 years of experience in auditing, tax, sales, and management. Her diverse skill set includes licensure in the beauty industry, making her a well-rounded consultant for companies looking to expand.

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Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Stephanie is passionate about helping small businesses, individuals, and DEI departments in large corporations flourish. Partner with her and take your company to new heights. Contact Stephanie today to learn more about what she can do for you.

"Don't reinvent the wheel when someone is already doing the wheel very well, just put rims on it!"

"Don't reinvent the wheel when someone is already doing the wheel very well, just put rims on it!"

Services Offered

DEI Marketing Consulting

Stephanie Blakley has an innate talent for a brand-building approach that prioritizes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This technique helps organizations and government entities align with their authentic selves, setting them apart from the DEI Movement and leading to increased revenue with a sustainable growth strategy.

Brand Coaching

Align Your Brand with Your Organization's True Identity and Pull at the Heart Strings of Your Target Market

Business Growth Strategy

A creative forward thinker who has a proven track record of boosting brand recognition within a six-month timeframe, resulting in tangible revenue growth.

Customer Review

Linda Fischer

"Stephanie is a visionary who is able to transform ideas and possibilities into plans and actions. She is motivated to change communities for good. Stephanie has creative and management skills to navigate the people and plans to realize their goals and dreams of a brighter future. I enjoy working with Stephanie because she is a maker of dreams, helping others achieve theirs in a savvy way, that is all their own."

Freda Madison

"I met Stephanie at a professional networking event this summer. She happened to be the last company I spoke with. She owns The Brand, The Artist, and The Mogul, LLC. When I heard her speak and how professional and passionate she was in helping businesses become successful, I didn't hesitate to bring her on my team. Within 2 weeks of our partnership, Stephanie helped my business win a $68k, four-month contract. And mind you, I had just started my business. It was fairly new and we had 1 week to submit our bid. Well, Stephanie got it done. Stephanie has the means to help any business thru their challenges. She is someone you should work with if you are looking for growth and success. I love how she understands all business strategies. I highly recommend her."

Ashley Morgan

"To partner with you brings possibilities.

It allows me to think outside the box...

And puts us all in a position to be the change we want to see in the world."

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