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Brand Building Service

Align Your Brand with Your Organization's True Identity and Pull at the Heart Strings of Your Target Market

Stephanie Blakley

Business and Marketing Executive

Meet Your Company's Ultimate Consultant for Growth!

Stephanie's expertise is a rare combination of creativity and precision, with over 20 years of experience in auditing, tax, sales, and management. Her diverse skill set includes licensure in the beauty industry, making her a well-rounded consultant for companies looking to expand.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Stephanie is passionate about helping small businesses, individuals, and DEI departments in large corporations flourish. Partner with her and take your company to new heights. Contact Stephanie today to learn more about what she can do for you.

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In September 2021, The Brand The Artist The Mogul Limited Liability Company was established with the aim of creating a pathway towards generational wealth for all who engage in business with us. Our four core mission/value statements form the foundation of our enterprise, and we operate based on the Under Ground Railroad Business Building Philosophy, created by our founder Stephanie Blakley.

Company History

Our Vision and Principles

At our core, we strive to foster lasting and meaningful connections with our customers, prioritizing quality over quantity.

We are committed to leading by example, driving positive change in our community and beyond.

Our goal is to create prosperity for everyone who collaborates with us, whether they are pursuing local, national, or global business opportunities, in-person or virtually.

We aspire to cultivate a work environment where our team members can flourish, fueled by a culture of kindness and respect, where we treat others the way we want to be treated.

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6 - Week Interactive Group Coaching Session

Elevate Your Brand Identity with Our 4+Week Google Meet Coaching Group

Join our intimate and interactive coaching group to enhance your brand's identity in today's world. Over four weeks, you'll acquire the skills to draw in your target audience, create your own content and social media posts, and even hire social media managers to handle brand-specific social media. Gain confidence in booking, planning, and directing a professional branding photoshoot that captures your brand's identity in the current season of your business and life. By the end of the program, you'll have a customized branding board to help you continue producing content or hiring a social media manager with ease. Sign up today and let us help you take your brand to the next level.


Next Session Starts Sunday June 23,2024


What our clients say

"Stephanie is a visionary who is able to transform ideas and possibilities into plans and actions. She is motivated to change communities for good. Stephanie has creative and management skills to navigate the people and plans to realize their goals and dreams of a brighter future. I enjoy working with Stephanie because she is a maker of dreams, helping others achieve theirs in a savvy way, that is all their own."

Linda Fischer

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Next Session Starts Sunday June 23,2024

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